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About GigaEVC

GigaEVC, a Genufood Energy Enzymes Company (OTC: GFOO), is striving to reimagining the electric vehicle charging experience, by providing frictionless convenience through sophisticated software and reliable electric vehicle charging stations for station owners and electric vehicle drivers. Our site partners are incentivized through following:

1.Create new revenue stream
2.Attract new foot traffic to property
3.Reliable charging stations and industry leading customer service|
4.Installation cost offset by both public and private grants, rebates, and other financial incentives

With vertically integrated installations, turnkey operations, intuitive management, and innovative software, enables us to deploy at scale. Our technology is based on open communication standards to ensure scalable, future-proof charging infrastructure. We are looking to bridge the EV charging gap between cities, while improving EV charging accessibility in urban multi-tenant settings. At GigaEVC, we are committed to make EV charging experience accessible and convenient

In 2023, our EV charging solutions will also be offered internationally through our local country partners.

Coming Soon:
Level 2 Chargers: TBD
Level 3 Chargers: TBD



1108 S. Baldwin Avenue, Suite 107
Arcadia, California

Partners & Affiliates

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Genufood Energy Enzymes Corp

Genufood Energy Enzymes Corp. (GEEC), based out of Las Vegas, was established in 2010, and began trading publicly via OTC in 2014. It has been engaged in sales and marketing of health supplements and pandemic supplies.

In 2022, GEEC is entering EV Charging industry as business operator and solutions provider, dba GigaEVC. For more information on GEEC.

please visit GEEC website: