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Turnkey Installation

From design to finish

Our solutions include:

Site Assessments

Let’s start by reviewing compliance issues, design and engineering requirements as part of a feasibility analysis to determine whether the project is logistically and economically viable. We will then make a product recommendation.


We research ADA requirements and local laws, apply for and obtain all necessary permits, manage site inspections, and maintain complete and accurate permit records for future reference.

Engineering and Civil Work

Our certified electrical engineers will draft designs and installation plans, while our certified contractors oversee trenching, backfilling, pavement work, and the installation of bollards and wheel stoppers.

Charger Procurement and Installation

We work with our hardware partner on charger acquisition, and install all Level 2 and DCFC charging stations for your site, including power source connection, wiring, testing and commissioning of each unit.

Charger Operations

Our open standard charger software make sure the chargers are networked, and we assist site owners with charger management and operations.

Repairs and Maintenance

We warranty all equipments includes repairs, replacements, routine maintenance and industrystandard upgrades.